How does it work?

(1) Post Approval:

Doctors can start using the DocApp.

(2) Share QR/Invite Code:

Doctors share their QR/Invite code with the audience.

(3) Audience Follows:

General audience follows doctors for education, website links, social media, and more.

(5) Explore Services:

Audience learns about services, reads patient education, watches videos, and gives feedback.

(6) Additional Features (Premium):

Premium plan offers extra features like enhanced push notifications and added tools for patient education to add custom content.

(7) Push Notifications:

Doctors send push notifications to update followers on the latest field information or general updates.

*Note: DocApp prioritizes user privacy, and as such, does not collect any personal details from doctors’ followers. Our primary focus is to facilitate a platform where doctors can share valuable awareness and education with their followers. Similarly, followers use DocApp to stay informed about the latest medical advances within the specific specialty of their chosen doctor. This commitment to privacy and knowledge exchange ensures a secure and informative environment for both doctors and followers on our platform.