About DocApp

DocApp is designed to seamlessly help doctors and their followers create a dynamic space for education and awareness.

Registration Process:

(1) Visit DocApp.com

Initiate the registration process.

(2) Enter Details:

Provide essential details like name, specialty, location.

(3) Credential:

Doctors submit information regarding medical license, educational qualifications, and any relevant certifications.

(5) Profile Enhancement:

Customize your profile with images, patient education content (articles/videos), and online forms.

(6) Submit:

Complete the registration process.

(7) Verification Step:

A dedicated verification team reviews the submitted credentials to ensure authenticity.

(8) Confirmation Email:

Doctor receives a confirmation email once the verification process is successful.

This additional step ensures that only verified and legitimate doctors are granted access to the platform, enhancing the trustworthiness of the doctor profiles on DocApp.